Welcome to Prana Dewi Mountain Resort

Our Hotel is located below the tropical rain forest, right at the foot of Mt. Batukaru. Only 90 minutes drive from Bali’s airport, you can spend your Bali vacations in pure unspoiled nature.

Our Balinese Hotel is settled in the middle of organic rice paddies, lotus fish ponds and fern gardens. The 20 m long natural stone swimming pool is fed by pure spring water coming directly from Bali’s tropical rainforest of Mt. Batukaru. No chemicals are used.

At the resort rice, fruit and vegetables are grown 100% organic and served at our restaurant. We organize walks and trekking tours along the famous rice paddies, gardens and temples of Bali to hot springs and through the tropical rain forest up to the top of the mountain.

Yoga and meditation retreats take place several times a year.

Enjoy unforgettable moments for your vacations in Bali!